Thursday, May 8, 2008
Happiness Factory : A Coca Cola Ad

It's been I while since the last time I saw a TV Commercial cause I rarely go out from my room to watch anything from the TV but there is this one particular ad from the coca cola company that had really caught my attention and had always been on my mind ever since. This coca cola ad was entitled "Happiness Factory". Maybe your asking with all the other great stuffs that had been aired on TV why go with this one? I've been asking that myself...believe me! Maybe it was the creativity, the effects or perhaps the imaginative mind of the creator cause who would think that there are things living and working inside a vending machine. Honestly, its one of the most unique ideas I've ever encounter regarding with the commercials that is...but for me the thing that I really love with this sci-fi ad is the music cause its cute and bubbly while the other one was its message it tells us about how they fill the bottle with love and joy which probably the reason why coke taste so good. But there is this "thing" thats been bothering me, what does the kissing fuzz ball had to do with anything?If you don't know anything with what I'm talking about then maybe you should watch it and who knows maybe you'll be able to answer the riddle.

It even has a movie version...try it!

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